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Ownhome VS renting & Saving

Accrue Purchase Credits
Capital gains upside
Move into your home now
Simple application process

Renting & saving

No equity
No capital gains
Can’t move in before
saving for deposit
Complex application process

A better way to become a homeowner

No deposit required

OwnHome will buy the home for you in OwnHome's name, but hand you the keys. We want you to live in your dream home today without waiting years to save hundreds of thousands for a deposit

Get on the property ladder

Stop throwing away money on rent. Start building Purchase Credits toward your home. Build your wealth, build your future

Simple monthly payments

Buying property is complex and costly. From deposits, conveyancing, agent fees and lenders mortgage insurance. We take care of all this, so you only pay a simple single monthly payment

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How it Works

OwnHome vs renting

Use this simulator to see how OwnHome compares to renting and saving a 12.5% deposit over 5 years.

Growth rate

Select a growth rate for the property market

Purchase Price

Savings With OwnHome

Total benefit using OwnHome rather than
renting and saving
Time saved to move in to your home
5 years
There are many things we can do, but predicting the future is not one of them. The property market can go up and down, and past performance is not necessarily indicative of future performance.
Property growth rate source: www.Domain.com.au; UNSW Housing Study; Aussie.com.au. Based on Median Sydney house prices

You’re in great company

Hear from renters waiting to become homeowners, with OwnHome.

Becoming a doctor means many years in Medical school, so saving a deposit wasn't realistic. We also value having our own family home for our little dude to grow up in. OwnHome for the win!

— Carolyn & Sasha, recent M.D. graduates

I'm sick of the renting cycle and throwing away my hard-earned cash! OwnHome means I can move into an awesome 2 bedder and still have funds to do some renovations on the kitchen
and office (critical for the new WFH life!)

— Thomas, lawyer in Sydney

Even with very healthy income, being a single mum means that saving a deposit would take me years. OwnHome gives me the ability to speed up that process and provide the home I want for my kids and I.

— Nat, supermum

We're meticulous savers but the deposit always seems like an insurmountable Everest!
OwnHome is great for people like us who have solid pay and value building wealth in our home today.

— Nick & Mel, young professionals

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