A better way to become a homeowner

OwnHome provides a simple and easy process to transition from renting & saving into becoming a home owner.

Discover your buying power

Overcome the deposit Hurdle

OwnHome will buy the home for you in OwnHome's name, but hand you the keys. We want you to live in your dream home today without waiting years to save hundreds of thousands for a deposit

Build Your Deposit while living in your Home

Live your life, safe in the knowledge you've got a foothold in the market. Just keep on making your simple monthly payments, and watch that deposit build.

Buy the Home

When you're ready, buy the home at the pre-agreed price and put your accrued deposit towards it.

What are the benefits?


Become a homeowner: undertake renovations, plant a garden - even hang a TV or picture on your wall!ย 


Get out of the rental trap


Create security for your future


Safeguard against a runaway market


Capture capital gainsย 

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