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It’s clear there is a growing demand for alternative solutions to get more Australian renters into their own home. OwnHome has the right strategy and team to make this happen
The response from our customers has been incredible. Australians from all walks of life are reaching out to hear more about our new path to homeownership.
The goal is to have every single customer happy and excited to have the chance to be a homeowner before they thought possible.
The passion OwnHome has for helping young Australians achieve financial independence and improve their wellbeing was impossible to ignore. We’re thrilled to be working with them.
"For my wife and I, we are thinking of starting a family. We want to have a bit of a garden... we've wanted to get a dog for so long," he said.
Over the last 12 months the Sydney median house price has increased by $150,000, and what this means is that you need to save $30,000 just to not go backwards. When our customers say they feel like the goalposts are always moving, they have been, and they've actually been moving really fast.
The problem is, house prices are so high they’re pricing millions of people out of the market. Enter Tim Harley and James Bowe. They were motivated by their generations struggle to afford a first home so they’re doing something about it, with OwnHome
Co-founded by James Bowe and Tim Harley, OwnHome is on a mission to turn renters into owners, allowing first-home buyers to get their feet on the property ladder without a hefty deposit. We are excited to back teams solving big and urgent problems.
OwnHome delivers a few key things to customers; firstly it protects customers from a runaway market, second, customers can move in day one and feel like a homeowner, and thirdly the all important capital gains where customers benefit from their property increasing in value.

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