How it works

OwnHome provides a transparent and certain path to homeownership, while you live in your home from day one


Fill out your application to find out your buying power. We make sure we’re the right path to homeownership for you.
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Choose home

Choose your dream home. Once you pay the Starter fee we can start assessing homes and making bids for you! We also take care of all purchase costs and processes so sit back and let us do the work for you.

Build Your Purchase Offset over time

Act like a homeowner (no more asking if you can hang that picture!) and build Purchase Offset each month.


Buy from us when you're ready at any time between 3-7 years at the pre-agreed price, it's up to you!

What are the details?

Overcome the deposit Hurdle

Many Australians can afford monthly payments but don’t have a deposit. You just pay a 1.5% starter fee to kick start the home buying process. Then when we buy your home, you put in 1% that accrues as a Purchase Offset you move into your home straight away.

Build 2.5% every single year

By making simple monthly payments, you build your Purchase Offset in your home every single month. Each year, you build your Purchase Offset equal to 2.5% of your home value.

Lock in the pre-agreed price

We protect you from a runaway market by agreeing the OwnHome price that grows at 3.8% per year. You keep all the upside above this and get certainty in an uncertain world.


Accrue Purchase Offset
Capital gains upside
Move into your home now
Simple application process
Find out my buying power

Renting & saving

No Purchase Offset
No capital gains
Can’t move in before
saving for deposit
Complex application process